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Courses in Laval-Fabreville,
Vaudreuil-Dorion and Verdun
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Courses in Verdun, Laval-Fabreville
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ABMC Dance – COVID 19

Update of March 28, 2020

We hope everything is going well for you in this period of confinement. All the staff of ABMC Danse wish you good health and wish that you take advantage of these family moments to get closer to each other (only under the same roof).

The two-week shutdown period we originally planned is now over and the general situation has evolved differently than we expected. We will now be closed for another month. Despite that, we are optimistic and hope to be able to resume classes on Saturday May 2nd.  If this is not possible, we will then adjust according to the progression of the pandemic.
We are already receiving several emails and will answer some questions you may have.


  • Pricing
    The few courses that we had planned to miss by closing for two weeks, at the start of the crisis, could easily have been made up in the following weeks. However, adding all of April without classes add several missed courses to the program. There will therefore be an adjustment to the rate of the remaining classes depending on the number that we will be able to give by the end of the year.
  • 4th Payment, due April 4
    In the pricing structure for the current academic year, the fourth and final instalment for the payment of course’s fees is scheduled for April 4. Of course, for post-dated checks, this payment will not be cashed as long as the period of confinement lasts, until classes have not resumed and that you have been informed of the coming events. Those who have already paid the entire year will be granted an adjustment based on upcoming events.
  • Shows
    Currently, since our show dates are scheduled beyond the current containment period, the shows should take place on the scheduled dates. In view of the shorter preparation time provided, certain changes will have to be made to the original recital formula.  We are aware that further changes may be necessary, but remain optimistic to what the next few weeks will bring.
  • Day camp
    Currently, the day camps for the Vaudreuil and Laval branches will be held on the dates announced on the respective flyers (June 6 to August 21, 2020), which you can find on our website , pdf document under the ‘EVENTS’ tab, under ‘ Day camp 2020 ‘either for Laval or for Vaudreuil-Dorion.

During this confinement period, in order to keep in touch, several video capsules have been put online by ABMC teachers, on our Facebook page and Instagram. You will find exercises for Hip Hop, Ballet and Contemporary, stretching, abs and arms. They also present you with different fun challenges.

If you want to contact us, it is preferable to do so by email at  or via our website . Be sure to include the student’s first and last name, group number, and your phone number.

Like all of you, we do not know what we will be facing for the next few weeks. Hopefully with the arrival of spring we can soon take control of our lives.

It’s going to be fine!



All information on Day Camps is available for Vaudreuil and for Laval under the ‘Events’ tab. Download pdf document.



The theme for the end-of-year show will be ‘I Love ABMC’

Please enter the dates of the following shows on your agenda:

Laval students; Saturday and Sunday, June 6th and 7th , 2020

Vaudreuil and Verdun; Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 12,13 and 14, 2020

Your child’s representation and other details will be communicated to you later.



3 Representations given, Saturday and Sunday, December 1st and 2nd.

BRAVO to all participants for this HUGE success.

Next production: December 2020

All photos are now posted on



BRAVO to all participants of the parades end the showcase.

Photos will be available soon and dvd a little later, as soon as we receive them.

You can register by phone 450-455-4300 or visit our Facebook page for our on-site registration dates. You can also reach us at :